Xero recently announced that they will be retiring WorkflowMax!

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Are you looking to move on from WorkflowMax?

Are you looking for a better alternative to WorkflowMax that integrates with Xero?

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Deltek Vantagepoint could be exactly what you are looking for !

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Xero has decided to retire WorkflowMax on 26 June 2024.

Xero recently announced that they will be retiring WorkflowMax, and we understand that this may be concerning for your business. We want to help you make a smooth transition to a reliable and robust project management software that will meet your business needs.
That’s why we’re recommending Deltek Vantagepoint, the leading project-based ERP software designed specifically for project-focused businesses like yours. Deltek Vantagepoint offers a range of features that will help you streamline your business processes and improve your profitability.

Here are some reasons why Deltek Vantagepoint could be a better alternative to WorkflowMax for your business.

Comprehensive Project Management Features: Deltek Vantagepoint offers a comprehensive set of project management features that are specifically designed for the needs of professional services firms. It includes features such as resource planning, time and expense tracking, project accounting, and CRM and business development features.

Integrated Financial Management: Deltek Vantagepoint provides integrated financial management features that enable firms to manage their financials in a single system. This includes billing, invoicing, accounts receivable and payable, and financial reporting.

Customisable Dashboards and Reports: Deltek Vantagepoint allows users to create customised dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights into project performance, resource utilisation, and financials. This enables firms to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to improve project outcomes.

Mobile Accessibility: Deltek Vantagepoint offers mobile accessibility through its mobile app, which enables users to access project information, time and expense tracking, and financials from anywhere, at any time.

Integration with Xero: Deltek Vantagepoint integrates with Xero to offer a complete end-to-end solution. You can manage your projects and finances in one seamless integrated system, saving you time and reducing errors.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Switch to Deltek Vantagepoint today and ensure your business is ready for the future. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a demo using the buttons below.