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AWorkers at construction siterchitecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Project-Driven Solutions for Project-Driven Firms

Whether the focus is on a new project, fresh talent or the next quarter’s financial projections, AEC firms are constantly looking ahead. Demand for infrastructure construction, enhancement, maintenance, and improvements will continue to rise. However, financing is the issue. Expertise on innovations in funding and in project delivery methods will create a competitive advantage.

With the proper tools in place, your firm can be well-positioned to overcome industry challenges. It’s the only way to succeed in a highly competitive industry in which the projects you take on can make or break your firm’s financial security. Deltek empowers your firm to deliver the speed of design and the breadth of services that your clients demand.

Deltek offers project-based solutions tailored to the needs of the AEC industry. Deltek provides the right fit for the complete project lifecycle of your firm. Whether you’re a small growing firm, or a larger sophisticated organization, Deltek has the right solution for you.


Marketing AgenciesCoworkers discussing business goals

Transform the way your agency performs

It’s a tough time for marketing and creative agencies. Gone are the days of enormous agency-of-record contracts and retainers. The emergence of digital media has opened up advertising avenues but also sped up turnaround times. And the prevalence of project-based partnerships means agencies can no longer take short term losses for long term gains. In short, agencies are being asked to do more with less. That’s where Deltek can help.

Agencies that embrace Deltek solutions such as TrafficLIVE gain complete visibility into everything going on at the company. You’ll be able to schedule the right resources to the right projects at the right time. You’ll gain a true understanding of your project costs versus billing amounts to limit over-servicing and ensure profitability. Your agency will be focused on the most profitable clients and projects and always prepared for what comes next.

Three professionals awing at data visualizations on large screensAccounting


Being connected and efficient allows your Accounting firm to dig deeper and focus on bringing fresh insights to each client’s business. In this way, firms can move beyond a traditional numbers role and cement their value as a trusted business advisor.

Deltek gives accounting firms the visibility to make accurate plans, the control to respond correctly when changes are needed, and the insight to help firms improve resource utilization, profitability, and realization. Your firm will be able to bill more hours and earn higher profits from your work.

NonprofitEnvironmental marine conservation


It used to be that a non-profit’s overhead ratio was the defining metric of mission success. Recently there has been a shift in thinking that accommodates essential investments and spending that produce strong results. Realizing that infrastructure improvements ultimately serve beneficiaries and often reduce the overall costs over time, there is big incentive to invest.

Deltek can provide you with exceptional visibility into the costs to deliver against your mission. We will show you how to create transparency to readily report where, how, and on what your funding is being spent. We’ll help you run your organization with lean, efficient integrity and strengthen your operational teams so that you can improve your bottom line impact.