TrafficLIVE has the ability to improve EVERY area of a creative services agency according to Polly Jackson from Soapbox Creative Communications.

“We use Deltek TrafficLIVE across the whole organisation for scheduling and tracking jobs across multiple teams in different locations, for managing our client contact database, keeping track of time sheets, expenses, purchases. It’s useful to be able to mark parts of a job as ‘complete’ before the full job is finished – this makes it easier to track which tasks still have to be finished and makes sure that people are tracking time to the correct task within the job.”

Check out Polly’s complete appraisal of TrafficLIVE here.


Are you able to track all clients’ projects and see how the whole business is functioning in real-time? Simeon Calver from creative agency Clarks can because they implemented Deltek TrafficLIVE …

“TrafficLIVE is continually being used in our extremely busy studio on an hourly basis to access we have the amount of resources in place to meet the deadlines. Before TrafficLIVE we did not have enough visibility of the current status of jobs to keep the account managers informed of their progress. It was very easy for jobs to be bumped as there were no clear processes in place when challenged as to why a job was over running or being superseded. Previously we would have large charts to outline each season work load but this was proving ineffective as keeping the chart up to date was proving not only too time consuming but less and less used as the definitive scheduler.”

Simeon Calver has more to say about TrafficLIVE here.

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