Understand the health of your relationships with the new Client Employee Assignment and Activity Status report.

When was the last time your firm actually contacted one of your key clients? Do you have someone assigned to each of your clients to ensure that you are truly nurturing your relationships? You can now answer these questions with a simple CRM report in Vision 7.5 that uses colour to indicate problem areas: the Client Employee Assignment and Activity Status report.

Vision Client Activity Report image

You select the employee role you want to report on and the color indicators for whether an employee is assigned to the client in that role. For example, you can select to see if there is anyone associated to the client in the role of Client Manager. If an active employee is assigned as a client manager, then he is highlighted in green in the report. If no one is assigned as a client manager, the space is highlighted in red.

You can also select colour indicators for timeframes since the last activity and the types of activities that should count as true touches. For example, you might select that less than 3 months should appear green, between 3 and 6 months should be yellow and anything greater than 6 months appears red. Only the types of activities that you selected are included since only certain types of activities really nurture your relationship. A personal phone call or meeting would be considered a touch, but a bulk email or holiday card should not be.

You can also see the next scheduled activity. Although you may not have talked to this client for some time, you can easily see if there is an upcoming activity already planned.

Now it is easier than ever to keep your finger on the pulse on your client relationships. With a simple glance at the Client Employee Assignment and Activity Status report, you can immediately understand which clients may need additional attention and take the appropriate action.

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