Talent  Compensation

Manage incentives in a simple, easy way that integrates with the complete Talent Management solution.


Your most valuable incentive for motivating and retaining talent is compensation. Talent Compensation lets your company manage employee incentives and human resources (HR) performance in a more simplified and effective way. Whether you choose to pay for performance or use incentives to drive desired behavior, a comprehensive system to manage the process is an important asset. The Compensation module helps companies plan and implement compensation plans according to their organisation’s needs with a solution tied directly to the full Talent Management suite.

Using our Compensation module, you can be sure that your annual compensation review cycle:

  • Is within budget
  • Is simplified with automated processes and controlled workflow
  • Has compensation rewards underpinned with fairness, consistency and transparency
  • Can guarantee strong alignment between salary and bonus recommendations and the output of their Performance Management process
  • Gives both HR and Finance teams visibility and budget control
  • Underpins absolute confidence in calculations and the integrity of the underlying data
  • Demonstrates rigorous governance in line with reward policies
  • Outputs a single database for all compensation and compensation related data which can be maintained as ‘always current’ throughout the year


    Compensation offers a workflow controlled process, drag & drop reporting, and visual dashboards.


    Compensation is a secure, fully configurable web-based application.


    With Talent Compensation, you’ll experience rapid ROI with significant and measurable hard dollar savings..