InDesign Integration

Securely drag and drop images from your library into InDesign-branded templates.

OpenAsset InDesign integration image



OpenAsset InDesign Integration allows you to create brand consistent Adobe InDesign templates with images and text, all at the click of a button. These templates also combine re-sized images, project keywords, descriptions, and other text, saving you time and improving brand consistency.

Drag & Drop

OpenAsset InDesign Integration allows you to create secure links into Adobe InDesign, it has never been so easy. You select different image sizes and just drag and drop your architectural photography from the AssetBar to get the perfect – simple.

Secure Links

After you have dragged and dropped into Adobe InDesign and linked to the original file, once uploaded into OpenAsset, images cannot be moved or filenames changed. That’s right. This means any links you create to architectural images in OpenAsset are solid as a rock.



 InDesign Integration
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