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Manage Projects Smarter, Deliver Work Faster and Make More Money

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Perfect for Your Agency

Magnetic helps you manage projects smarter, deliver work faster and increase your profits

Works With You

Manage your entire agency with a single app. Magnetic combines everything you need to manage your agency and turn bigger profits.

Waste Less Time

Now every project can be efficiently monitored, managed and delivered – no more loose ends.

Prioritise Projects Accurately

Take charge of your studio. View up-to-the-minute reports and easily schedule tasks and projects.

Get Paid Faster

Make it so simple to pay you, your clients will love to do it. Magnetic integrates with Pastel, Xero and more..

Create, share and sign-off jobs in minutes

Use customisable templates to create quotes and invoices, and get online approval from clients or internal approvers fast.

Instantly check team capacity

Pinpoint resource allocation to spot the gaps, then schedule work accordingly. Easy peasy.