Kona – Project collaboration made easy

Deltek Kona logoKona is an online space for any group to privately connect, organise, discuss, and get things done together. And for people involved with multiple groups, like project teams at work, volunteer organisations, membership clubs and family, Kona keeps track of everything they’re responsible for and talking about across all spaces in one personalised place. Best of all, Kona is free, that’s right, FREE! So why not check it out, what have you got to lose?

Watch the video below to find out more:

This social collaborative platform provides one place to :

  • Get It All Done
  • Comment with Context
  • Take Control
  • File Share Easily


Businesses that have more collaborative and engaged employees are more successful. So providing a platform where employees can feel more connected and share ideas freely means they can reduce meeting, simplify sharing files and solve problems more quickly. Keep everyone informed – and engaged. Complete the form below to download the free Kona e-book.

Click here to sign up for free, and more information. Deltek also provide Kona Business, click here to find out more.

Make your organisations more efficient, agile and successful by bringing people, projects and technology together.