Since our introductory email on October 9, we have had an opportunity to implement our Help Desk solution using Zendesk that most of our clients are familiar with. We know from the Australian TrafficLIVE team and our valued TrafficLIVE clients that Zendesk is the preferred support platform, as such we hope this change will enable clients to receive the best level of support we along with the TrafficLIVE team pride ourselves in offering.

We are nearing the end of the transition from Deltek to Smartsoftware Support. Direct access to Deltek’s support portal will end after November 30th 2015. What remains is transferring any currently opened Deltek tickets to Smartsoftware and walking you through the details of accessing Smartsoftware Support.

Accessing Support

All customer support tickets will be logged into our Help Desk (Zendesk) portal.

Access Help Desk at:

Username: Your email address
Password: An automated email will be sent to you shortly prompting you to create a password.
Note: Check your junk email folder if you haven’t received the automated password email within an hour of this announcement. If still no email phone Smartsoftware on 1300 033 044 and press 1 for Support.

Creating New Tickets

All new tickets must now be created in Smartsoftware’s Help Desk. They can be created by either logging into our Help Desk portal or via email. Read on for details on how to do this.

If you create a ticket in Deltek support instead of Smartsoftware’s Help Desk, don’t worry, we’ll contact you to organise transferring the ticket to Smartsoftware. Creating tickets through Deltek support will be blocked after Nov 30th.

Currently Opened Tickets with Deltek

All currently opened tickets with Deltek support will be transferred by Smartsoftware support to our Help Desk over the next few hours. Continue updating any open tickets as you normally do until you are notified by Smartsoftware support regarding the transfer.

TrafficLIVE Knowledgebase and TrafficLIVE Guides

These are available our Help Desk’s Help Centre on the home page under TrafficLIVE. They include what is available under Deltek’s support portal plus additional articles written by Smartsoftware. You’ll find answers to typical questions such as How to download the latest version, How to check for the version number, How to run a report to check active users…

Guide to using Smartsoftware’s Help Desk

A user guide can be downloaded here with details on how to navigate through our Help Desk, create and manage tickets via the Help Desk portal or via email, and search the knowledgebase. This guide is also located in Help Desk’s Help Centre on the home page under the Support Services > Help Desk Documentation.

We recommend all customers download the Smartsoftware Help Desk – User Guide and familiarise themselves with the Help Desk facility and process.


  • Will there be any changes to our support plan level? 
    No. There will be no changes to your current support level. For example, you will remain on Standard Care – Term/SaaS.
  • Who is able to log a ticket with Help Desk? 
    This email was sent to all the primary support contacts that we have on file. Contact and company information was collated and reviewed by Caroline Johnson last week to ensure we have the latest data. At the moment, only primary support contacts will have access to Help Desk. We normally limit primary support contacts to two individuals. If you wish to make changes to your list of primary contacts please let us know.
  • Direct access to the Deltek support (Customer Care Connect) 
    This access will cease at the close of business on 30th November 2015. This means the following will stop:
    – Access to Deltek’s online support portal (RNT) via or
    – Access to Deltek phone support
    All support requests are to come directly to Smartsoftware.
  • What are Smartsoftware’s support hours?
    Our Help Desk portal is available 24×7 for customers to create new tickets, manage existing tickets and to search the knowledgebase.
    We currently have a presence in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, in each time zone. Support will respond to tickets during this time. Emergency situations may give rise to a response outside of these hours.
    We offer a reduced support service during Australia-wide public holidays and over the two weeks encompassing Christmas and New Year. Details of this support is published closer to those times.
  • Questions relating to Consulting Services, Training or other non-support requests
    Please open a ticket in Help Desk if you have questions regarding customisations, training, accounting information or any other non-support type requests. Support will direct the ticket to the related area of our business to reach out to you eg our consulting services.
    Please note the difference between Support and Training. Support will provide some advice but Support’s role is not to train users on how to use the product. Training comes under the umbrella of Consulting Services.
  • Escalations and production down issues
    Either update existing tickets or create new tickets to escalate a matter or to notify us of production down issues.
    For more details on managing tickets and major incidents see the user guide.
  • What is the URL of Smartsoftware’s website?
    Reach us at


Download the Help Desk User Guide