Lyall Gorman* was given three months to build a football club. He didn’t have a coach, players, management, administration, home ground, name or uniform…and he had to make $6M profit. Lyall knew exactly what to do: he surrounded himself with the right partners who had the right expertise.

To grow your business you need a partner who not only knows how to increase your team’s productivity but also how to free up more of their time…

– Find photos and graphic files a lot quicker
– Produce your presentations and materials much faster
– Find, Drag & Drop – very simple process
– 1 click templates
– Integrate seamlessly with InDesign
– Integrate seamlessly with Powerpoint
– Access files in the Cloud from any location, any time
– iPad app for on the go presentations
– Unlimited access to your own account manager
– Unlimited technical support
– Free upgrades

*Lyall Gorman was the founding Executive Chairman of the Western Sydney Wanderers – who went on to make the grand final and generate $10M – and is now Group CEO of the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks; he was our special guest speaker at the Smartsoftware seminar, October 2015.

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Where’s your marketing team spending its time?

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