Deltek Acquisition 

Source talent faster and smarter, enabling your team to hire more people with the resources you have.


Our Acquisition tool allows you to source talent faster and smarter, enabling your team to focus on key HR initiatives. Acquisition improves hiring productivity with more efficient employee recruiting processes, making it easier to assess qualified candidates. Workflow management systems and forms can be tailored to each of your organisation’s business units, further improving hiring efficiency.

With an intuitive interface, you can manage the entire application-to-hire process as well as employee recruitment. Wizard-type workflow management makes it easy to use, and you’ll have hundreds of personalisation options. And user access can quickly be configured to allow either a wide variety of abilities or a very limited set.

The features offered in our Acquisition software go beyond traditional employee recruitment with various tools and widgets. Combining social media integrations, electronic onboarding, unlimited dynamic forms and workflows, and full requisition and offer management with an interface that allows you access to any point of data, you’ll always be a step ahead.


    • Source Qualified Talent
    • Streamline the Overall Recruiting Process
    • Increase Recruiter Productivity
    • Track Hiring Milestones
    • Enhance Onboarding


    “Acquisition has become a gateway for how we do our job. For example, we looked at a revenue analyst position that wasn’t attracting candidates, a problem we were alerted to via the tool. Not only are we alerted that things aren’t going well [with a job posting], but we can use that information to find out why things aren’t going well, and why the post isn’t attracting applicants. We have the right information to ask the right questions. If there aren’t any views of the job, or if the views aren’t turning into clicks, we can make adjustments and check the posting next week to see whether the response rate has increased. That’s really good information.” – OCZ.



    Create workflows specific to business unit/department, location, or job title.


    Engage your employees with a system that involves them and rewards them for referrals.


    An automated on-boarding process improves new hire readiness and decreases the time to revenue.